August 26


HOW TO INCREASE SALES – Why your teams’ attitude and ability to service is affecting your sales

By Ian Johnstone

August 26, 2019

Did you know that 93% of your customers are likely to make repeat purchases if you provide excellent customer service.

But here’s the catch, it’s your employee's ability and attitude towards sales and service that will either motivate customers to return and buy or encourage them to leave and never come back.

G’day guys, My name is Ian I am the founder of Train The Workplace, the free learning community for helping the business grow their people, improve productivity and generate more profit.

In this video, we will be looking at 3 types of hospitality salespeople and how each of them influences your customer's willingness to buy.

Your sales are a direct reflection on the quality of your products, your price and also quality of service you provide. 

This means that that you can have a great product at a great price, but if you don’t have a team of salespeople with the right ability and attitude, then you can still struggle to sell it.

To understand this better, think of your own experiences as a customer in a restaurant, café or bar and what type of salesperson you want to be served by? 

The first type of salesperson is the under-seller, this person is usually nervous about talking to customers, they have poor menu knowledge, they just don’t think about make any suggestions, or promote and specials or daily promotions. And where you the customer have to take the lead, and ask them to take your order, and tell them everything you want. 

The second type of salesperson is the over-seller, unlike the underseller they are usually overly confident and cocky, and they try to push you to buy more then you want to, or even the most expensive items on the menu. 

Most likely both of these experiences will leave a bitter taste in your mouth, where you either feel that you have had an underwhelming or unpleasant pleasant experience or where you feel that you have been ripped off. 

The problem is both of these types of salespeople will only end up annoying the customers and hurting your business, and studies have shown that as much as 

‘66% or 2 out of 3 of your customers will leave due to receiving this type of poor service. ’

The 3rd type of salesperson, is the service seller. These employees have high self-confidence and good menu knowledge, but just as importantly they are focused on consistently creating great customer experiences.

They ask questions to identify what the customer wants, they make sensible suggestions, and they can read when the customer is happy or dissatisfied.

Because they care about the customer's experience, they are able to quickly build rapport with their customers which leads to greater trust, and increased sales. 

So of these 3 types of salespeople do you want to be served by? 
The under seller, the over seller or the service seller?

The answers pretty obvious the service seller right. But how often does it happen? How often do you receive the quality of service that will encourage you to want to return and buy more? 

And more importantly what type of sales experience do your team give to your customers, and how does this influence them to buy or even return? 

Do you have a team of service sellers? 

And if not what can you do to help them to develop the right ability and attitude towards sales and service, that your customers want. 

What are your thoughts, do you agree, or do you have your own thoughts or comments on the different types of salespeople?

If so then leave some feedback in the comments section below.

Ian Johnstone

About the author

Ian is a Sales & Service Coach & Trainer with a background in over 20 years of 5-star Hospitality and Customer Services within Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. He works with businesses to consistently achieve great results by designing and delivering interactive, engaging and memorable training programs, tailored to meet the needs of each business, their teams and their customers.

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