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This community is for owners, managers, supervisors & trainers who are responsible for training on the job.  

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The community goal

To inspire and guide our community members to help them to develop and grow their teams so they can achieve their goals.

What members get


Get advice and guidance to help improve your workplace training. 


Let others community members learn from your experiences. 


Get useful training, tips and resources that you can use on the job. 


What we do 

Training tips and articles

We provide a range of useful training articles on training skills, sales, service, marketing, management & leadership and anything else  the community wants to learn about.  Each article is written so it is easy to understand with various examples to provide context. 

Videos & Webinars 

We understand that a picture tells a thousand words, and video tells a story.  As the community grows we will be adding videos to support our training articles. and webinars with other industry experts.    

Practical & online training 

We believe the easiest way to learn is through action and experience this is why will provide a range of free and paid for interactive and practical training workshops and programs 

Our recent articles

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