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Create your own online COVID 19 customer register for FREE

By Ian Johnstone

June 30, 2020

Do you want a FREE, EASY and SECURE way to record your customer's contact details online to help your business comply with your COVID 19 operational responsibilities?  

Operating a customer-focused business through the COVID 19 is forcing business to adapt so they can comply with government regulations as well as deliver a good quality service. 

One of the requirements on all hospitality and retail operations that are opening back up after the recent COVID lock downs is that they must keep contact information about all people at the premises (including staff), for contact tracing purposes for up to 56 days. 

This information must include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • mobile phone number
  • the date and time of visit

Ensure that this information is to be "captured and stored confidentially and securely".

Source: https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19/current-status/public-health-directions/business-activity

The paper-based form  

The simplest option for venues so far has been to get customers to write their details on a sheet of paper or in a book, the problem with this is that these documents are

  • not private, as anyone can take a picture of the list of customers contact details on the list
  • require the communal use of pens and paper which increase the risk of spreading germs
  • can be difficult to read due to the legibility of the customer’s handwriting
  • need to be stored in a secure location for several weeks
  • Need to be available to authorities as requested in the event of a COVID link to the business
  • need to be manually destroyed when the mandatory time-period lapses.

The reality is a paper-based list is easy to create but difficult to manage.  

Often customers are reluctant to fill in their personal information, and who can blame them?

The Solution

Get rid of the pieces of paper, and create an online form to capture, store and provide easy access to the customer details if the customer’s details are required.    

Best of you can do it for FREE by using Google Forms (all you require is a Gmail account) and it will take less than 20 minutes to create.   

The Benefits

  • Capture your customer’s details quickly and conveniently
  • Store your customer’s details in a private and secure location  
  • Eliminate paper forms and lists before they get lost
  • Recall the essential data when you need it
  • Delete the data easily when required
  • Build your customer database by asking each customer’s permission to be added to your marketing list, however, always check with your local authority first. 
Sample Covid Online Register

Sample COVID Online Register

Click here to view an example of the online COVID 19 Customer register 

Data security 

The common question for storing customer details online is 'Is the data safe'?

And the simple answer is Yes  because the data is stored in Googles secured cloud network, all your customer’s details will be safely stored, with the only people having access is the person with the google account password.  

How to do it 

You can create your online customer register in less than 20 minutes with the help of our FREE step by step guide and flyer template. 

What to do  

  1. Sign up to a free Gmail account (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Create your Google Form
  3. Copy the Google Form URL
  4. Create a QR code link to the Google Form URL
  5. Create a flyer or e-poster to display to customers
A QR code is a digital barcode that will store the Google Forms URL, once scanned it will provide the customer with a link to the online register.   
QR code for online register

Example Online register QR barcode

Get your FREE step by step guide

to creating your own online COVID 19 customer register

How it Works

The simplicity of using an online form will enable each customer to access the register by scanning the QR code using their smartphone.    When each customer arrives at your business: 

Your team member will: 

  1. Direct the customer's attention to the printed flyer or e-poster
  2. Assist the customer as required

The customer will:

  1. Scan the QR code using the camera on their smartphone
  2. Complete the online register
  3. Click submit
The customer will be able to complete the online registration in less than a minute
Covid 19 Customer Register Flyer

COVID 19 Customer Register Flyer

Accessing the data

Google Forms stores the customer's details automatically into a database which is stored under your Gmail account.  Within a few clicks of the mouse, you can instantly view the data by creating a Google spreadsheet which will enable you to

  • viewed the data online
  • download the data as required
  • delete the data as required    
Covid Customer Register Spreadsheet

COVID 19 Customer Register Spreadsheet

To access the spreadsheet all you need to do is to access your Google Form. 

It is as easy as that.  

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?  DO  YOU AGREE, OR DO YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE? If so then leave your comments and feedback below

Get your FREE step by step guide

to creating your own online COVID 19 customer register

Ian Johnstone

About the author

Ian is a Sales & Service Coach & Trainer with a background in over 20 years of 5-star Hospitality and Customer Services within Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. He works with businesses to consistently achieve great results by designing and delivering interactive, engaging and memorable training programs, tailored to meet the needs of each business, their teams and their customers.

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