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Ian Johnstone

Founder of Train The Workplace

- 20 Years in Hospitality & Customer Service

- Author

- Sales & Service Trainer

My name is Ian Johnstone, I have been working in the Hospitality & Customer Services industries for over 2 decades in Australia, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.  Over this time I have worked as a Workplace Trainer, and Sales & Service Training Consultant for 4 & 5 star hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes.

I have also worked in learning & development in  a variety of other industries such as leisure and fitness management, Driver transport,  the UK's National Health Service (NHS) and in IT management. 

Overall I have a pretty diverse experience, working in L&D for a variety of industries.  

I have always been interested in customer service ever since my first paid job working in a Chinese restaurant in Townsville in North Queensland, Australia, while still at school.  Ever since I have been on a 'Walkabout' (my personal learning journey) experiencing what good service looks and feels like. 

On this journey I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of customer service as a customer, employee, manager and owner.   It is base on these experiences that I have developed a range of training tools and resources that I use when I work with my clients, and I want to be able to share them with you. 


When I am not working here I am running my small training consultancy called Profitable Employee.

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Profitable Employee is a an innovative training company that specialises in Creative Sales & Service Solutions that help generate greater revenue and increase customer loyalty.