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Why we do what we do

Our goal is to provide members with the knowledge, skills, and know how they need to improve themselves professionally, develop their teams or to grow their business. 

How it works

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Ask your peers - do you have a question or just need some guidance and support from other industry professionals? 


Share your experiences - Do you want to help others learn from your experience?  


Learn from experts - Develop your own, knowledge, skills and ability with our practical, tools, tips and resources.

Training tips and articles

We provide a range of useful training articles on training skills, sales, service, marketing, management & leadership and anything else  the community wants to learn about.  Each article is written so it is easy to understand with various examples to provide context.

Videos and webinars

We understand that a picture tells a thousand words, and video tells a story.  As the community grows we will be adding videos to support our training articles and webinars with other industry experts.  

Practical & on-line learning

We believe the easiest way to learn is through action and experience this is why we provide a range of free and paid for interactive and practical training workshops and programs

about me

Who am I?

Ian Johnstone 'Johnno'

Founder/ Trainer of Train The Workplace

My name is Ian Johnstone, I have been working in the Hospitality & Customer Services industries for over 20 years in Australia, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. Over this time I have worked as a Workplace Trainer, Instructional Designer and Training Consultant in Hospitality, Leisure Management, Heavy Vehicle  Transport, Health Services and IT Management.

On this journey I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of workplace training

It is based on these experiences that I have developed a range of training programs, tools and resources that I use when I work with my clients.

And I want to be able to share them with you.

When I am not working here I am running my small training consultancy called Profitable Employee.

learning that you can use 

The most effective way to learn is through experience.  We provide simple and easy to follow learning that is practical and can be applied in the workplace, or in everyday life. 

If you can't apply what you have learned than it is just information.

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